You’re walking into a local entertainment area excited to spend time with friends when you suddenly slip on a wet area in the walkway. Instead of spending the evening with friends, you are now spending your time in the ER with various doctors and nurses as they stitch the gaping hole in your forehead and prep you for surgery to fix your broken leg.  Not your ideal evening.  On Monday, you are forced to call into work and take the next six weeks off because you are a long-distance truck driver and you can’t drive with a broken leg.

How do you recoup the lost wages? Do you resolve to eat noodles until you can go back to work and receive another paycheck? No, you call Louisville’s expert slip and fall firm – Abell Rose Law. We have settled countless slip and fall cases and collected back wages, medical costs and pain and suffering for clients. We are considered an expert in this area of personal injury law, with Scott being a featured presenter at workshops for fellow attorneys.