Located in the heart of Middletown at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Main Street, Abell Rose Law was founded in 2016 by experienced attorneys, T. Scott Abell and Joshua T. Rose.  Abell Rose Law is the result of a unique blending of old fashioned Main Street values, compassion and personal attention, with the experience, sophistication and quality of a Madison Avenue boutique firm.

Abell Rose Law offers a variety of services inside and outside of the courtroom to injured persons, aggrieved consumers and employees, victims, and those accused of crimes to help them achieve justice, compensation for their losses and vindication. For the business owner, Abell Rose Law provides cost effective advice and counsel in transactions and daily legal affairs to keep businesses outside of court but has the experience and skills to zealously litigate if necessary. For families, Abell Rose Law offers probate and estate services to help plan for the future and navigate through the legal system following the death of a loved one.

So many law practices operate based solely upon the financial bottom line but the attorneys at Abell Rose Law subscribe to a different philosophy – that the practice of law remains a service profession devoted to helping others, that clients not only deserve zealous advocacy but an attentive ear, and a compassionate approach and bedside manner.

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