Videos, FAQs and resources to help members work with this section of the ethical framework – Type of consulting work – this is a very short paragraph (small introductory paragraph on how you work). (That is, write down all the terms used; that you perform regular progress checks; that you are working on an agreed-upon end of consulting work; that the client may feel “less well before they feel better,” etc. The consulting contract should not be a lengthy document. It is usually a single page (maximum two pages) long and includes a list of items that are important for creating a safe, confidential and professional board. 33. We will set and maintain appropriate professional and personal boundaries in our relationships with our clients by ensuring that these limits are beneficial with the objectives of cooperation and the client. Double or multiple relationships are avoided if the risk of damage to the customer outweighs all the benefits to the customer. Ensure to separate and distinguish our personal and professional presence on social networks, where this could lead to damaging double relationships with customers.

the effects of dual or multiple relationships are regularly reviewed within the supervisory department and, if necessary, a discussion with clients. They can also be discussed with all colleagues or managers to improve the integrity of the work done. RGPD – As a general rule, an advisor will present orally the main points of the consulting contract before the start of the meetings to ensure that his client is satisfied with the conditions of the work done. This first oral presentation allows clients to ask questions and clarify all points of the contract on which they are unclear. The advisor can then provide the details discussed in a written document signed by both the advisor and the client. Rory and Ken give various tips for recording and transcribing counselling sessions: There are no defined requirements for a consulting contract, But a good rule of thumb is to provide details on the following: if you are working with vulnerable children, teens or adults who may require informed consent from a parent, principal guardian or relevant third party, you should add a section to the contract that will allow you to enter the names, signatures and dates of that consent. Please read more information about cooperation with these customers about the NCS protection policy. Psychotherapy and psychotherapy students are often required to record and transcribe the skills sessions – and to add a comment explaining the reasons for each response to find out if the response has been effective and how to improve it (if any). The task of transcribing can be very long and tedious. Article 32 of the Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions, published by the British Association for Counselling – Psychotherapy (2015), states: “We will carefully consider how we agree with clients and have reached an agreement with them on the conditions under which our services are provided.” 37. We will avoid pursuing or resuscitating relationships with former clients that could harm the client or adversely affect any benefit of therapeutic work.

We recognize that conflicts of interest and issues of power or dependence may persist after the formal end of our collaboration with a client, tutor or intern. Therefore:a. we will exercise caution before establishing personal or business relationships with former clients.