During the first round of funding, the three intermediaries were able to reach all vulnerable groups with funding in all provinces and territories. Building on the success of the first cycle, the three intermediaries will distribute the remaining $73.9 million in a second round of open and transparent processes, while respecting a focused approach to their efforts for equitable distribution among vulnerable populations. Questions about the grant guidelines and the application process can be asked at ShiningALight@civic-us.com. What are the reporting obligations when I receive a scholarship? Those seeking funding must be sponsored by an organization 501 (c) (3). If you are a person who wishes to apply for a grant, you must identify a tax-exempt organization that must serve as a tax sponsor and supervisor. The organization would be the official applicant and recipient of an arbitration award. Reporting requirements for this funding are primarily focused on the number of services and services provided to clients, and organizations are expected to regularly update these numbers throughout the duration of the grant. More details will be shared with the successful candidates. The Emergency Community Support Fund is a $350 million investment by the Canadian government, and a significant portion is provided through United Way United Way Canada, the Community Foundations of Canada and the Canadian Red Cross across the country. United Ways and The United States will manage this grant in local communities.

Please contact your local United Way United Way for more information. The Fund for Progress on Race in America provides grants for the following charities within the United States: Any distribution of the exempt organization`s funds to the person who wishes to perform the work depends on an agreement between the person and that tax-exempt organization. This would be independent of a bonus agreement between the exempt organization and A-E and United Way Worldwide. The Fund plans to distribute grants to support projects that work to address historical racial disparities, detect and eliminate prejudice, and activate solutions. A confirmation message indicating that your application has been submitted will appear on the screen. Before you submit your application, you`ll also see the email if you haven`t filled out all the fields.