Hello, please, can someone tell me how to add a signed lease to send it to the owner? Thank you! Booking holiday apartments, restaurant reservations and experiences with third parties listed on the company`s websites. Some of Tripadvisor`s affiliates act as markets, to facilitate the ability for travellers to close with property owners and managers (“Apartments”), to make (2) restaurant reservations (“restaurants”) and/or (3) to book tours, activities and attractions (different “experiences”) with third parties of these experiences (any vacation rental provider and/or experience that must be called “advertiser”). These Tripadvisor affiliates syndicate their ads to other companies within the Tripadvisor Companies group, so you can see them on Tripadvisor`s websites. As a user, you must be responsible for the use of the services (especially the websites of Tripadvisor companies) and for all transactions of apartments, restaurants or experiences supported by Tripadvisor affiliates. We do not own, manage or support any holiday apartments, restaurants or services listed experiences. Payments planned. Managers can ask customers to make scheduled and partial payments on the total costs due for a confirmed rent from the respective list (together “Expected Payments”). If the planned payments apply to your payment obligations for the total fee due, you authorize FlipKey to collect the total fee on behalf of the Manager, based on the schedule and amounts indicated in the booking request or other communications. I booked condo rent and down payment paid by travel advisors with protection plan, however, if I click on the link on my receipt page to see the contract, the link doesn`t work and the page can`t be found.

I contacted the owner, who said the lease came from a travel consultant, thinking I could find it. I need to know how to get the lease for me to read and sign, etc. Thanks to the damage insurance. By using and/or purchasing damage protection insurance with FlipKey Payments, you agree to the terms of the Damage Insurance Benefits Directive, acknowledge that you understand that certain restrictions in the directive apply, and agree that property damage protection may be included in the rent. You also acknowledge and consent that, although the Damage Protection Directive pays maximum benefits up to the police limit, but you remain fully responsible for the maintenance and condition of the apartment and damage to the apartment, (b) you are responsible for damage not covered by the police or that exceeds the limits of the directive, (c) if, during your stay in the apartment as an insured person under the damage protection plan, you cause damage to the Actual or personal property of the Director as a result of involuntary acts or omissions, you are responsible for the costs of repairing or repairing that property and authorize Berkeley to pay directly to the manager of the rented building any claim (up to the maximum benefit limit). They agreed to keep Berkely, FlipKey, the Manager and the Stonebridge Casualty Insurance Company unscathed for all costs related to the payment of these bonds. Detailed information about damage protection insurance can be found in the coverage description at www.flipkey.com/pdf/security_deposit_dofc.pdf.